About Arkimuoto

The name Arkimuoto means everyday design in English. Arkimuoto is a family company, founded by designer Mari Isopahkala and goldsmith Mika Paasonen. Arkimuoto designs and produces products that celebrate the beauty of everyday life. 

Arkimuoto’s first collection, Aina, contains seven pieces of silver jewellery – all hand finished in Fiskars, Finland. In addition to pure visual form, the design is focused on comfort and how the jewellery feels against one's skin while wearing them. 

Arkimuoto’s online store will be released in English soon. If you are interested in knowing more about the products or the company, please contact us by sending an email to viesti@arkimuoto.fi or through our social media.

Arkimuoto was founded by designer Mari Isopahkala and goldsmith Mika Paasonen

Image: Chikako Harada

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